Friday, 19 June 2015

Embarcadero XE8 Update 1 - with a surprise!

After a long silence...

This morning I saw the message about Embarcadero XE8 Update 1 release from Delphi Insider and jumped on it. I was surprised that it was so small (33.1 MB), downloaded and started it.

At some point it warned me, that a restart of my PC would be necessary. A bit strange, but I just pressed Continue button. After doing some work, the installer asked to restart the PC. I restarted.

And the big surprise came (pesetz, big, fat polar fox, as Russians say)!

When Windows was booting, a small message appear asking whether I would let an application from Embarcadero to run and make changes. I agreed. And the true installer started. Currently it runs as the only application, on a black screen - no chance to do anything:
and downloading about 500MB up to now. I am afraid that it will download all XE8 files and I have to wait for it to finish before I would be able to do any of my day work.

Another warning: get your serial number on piece of paper or on different computer/tablet/phone. Reason: when the Update started in standalone application mode, it asked for serial number. Yes I have it - in an e-mail from Embarcadero at our Exchange server, or in a text file, but on the HDD of the same PC. No chance to see it. I had to use different PC to search my e-mails for it.

Another surprise: 2 versions of the Update 1 - for users on Update Subscription and the rest. Being on SA, I decided to use the one from Update subscription. According the post, the bug fixes are only for Update Subscription, the general update does not have them. Discrimination? I do not have other definition. Software sold "as is", without any chance for bugs (even regression ones) to be fixed...

Good customer care?

Update subscription came with promise that bugs would be fixed in up to 2 versions before the current released one. It is about 5 months since it has been introduced. Any signs for bug fixing update release for XE6 and/or XE7?

Mice were crying, injected, 
but continued to gnaw cactus...

Run this update before you go to bed.

Be well!

Disclaimer: All brand names and trademarks mentioned above belong to their owners. All facts are correct to my best knowledge on 19 June 2015. No attempt is made to advertise or anti advertise any company. All opinions are personal and do not involve anybody else except me.

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